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Em Lazott – Overcoming Fears to Live Your Best Life (FitTown Show Ep 106)

em lazott transformation

Coach Josh and Jack sit down with member Em Lazott to discuss Em’s fitness journey, and her passions for music and hiking. They discuss how living out your passions can be scary, but why you should do it anyways. 

Em recently moved to Jupiter from Key West, where she was a singer, performer, creative and Drag Queen (feel free to refer to her by her stage name, Emillion-Bucks). Outside of her creative endeavors Em loves hiking and backpacking. She’s recently taken on some pretty insane challenges in that realm. Em said, “Moving here was really hard. At first, Jupiter felt really image-focused compared to Key West. Early on, I lost a gig here because when I showed up, the owner said he didn’t want a fat female on his stage. That hit me hard, and I ended up putting down my instrument for an entire year.”

About a year ago, Em decided to set foot in FitTown. She says she fell in love… but so did we. She immediately brought positive energy into the building, dancing through her workouts and chatting up members as if she’d been here for years. Em said, “Sometimes the pressure of the world to look a certain way really weighs on me, but this place allows me to be exactly who I am, unapologetically. When I started working out to feel good and enjoy myself instead of working out to look a certain way or be a certain size, I actually started to be more successful. I decided to let go, and now I’m PRing more than ever before, and most importantly I’m happy. I attribute it to the empowering coaching. FitTown doesn’t coach you to be at the top of the leaderboard. They coach you to be your best self.”

Recently, her husband Matt joined, and Em told us this is actually their first hobby TOGETHER! They’re proof that opposites attract (free spirited, outgoing, drag queen vs. introverted Marine police officer) and we’re excited to have them BOTH as members now, supporting each other in their individual wins.

With her new found confidence, Em began to throw herself into her passions more. She said that her confidence in the gym led to confidence outside of the gym, too. “I’m more confident in my music, and solo backpacking. Now I find myself actually looking for challenges to take on.” She has goals to climb Mt. Whitney, and her 5 year goal is to take on Denali in Alaska.

Thank you Em for being in this FitTown family and bringing an energy only you can bring.