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Halfway Through 2022

We are halfway through 2022! We’ve seen so many lives changed for the better this year and big goals accomplished. We have a whole nother half of the year to crush it! 

Our Committed Club list for the full year of 2022 is looking strong! Just like all those muscles in the gym!

Through the first 6 months of 2022, we have 129 athletes who have made the Committed Club every month so far this calendar year. 

We have an additional 33 athletes who are on track for the Committed Club because they missed one month, but have a total workout count over 90, which is still on track if they get 20 workouts a month for the second half of the year. Some of these athletes are closer than others, and we’ll post both lists below to help our athletes see where they are at. 

Here is our list of 129 athletes who have made the Committed Club for the full first half of the year!

Alex Wackett

Alina Cascante

Allison Fredericks

Amanda Barnes

Amanda Dillon

Amy Mattessich

Andrew Sheffler

Andy Habermann

Anna Lisa De Lima

Anne Spell

Annelise Schwier

Anthony Utter

Austin Bettigrew

Barb Vollender

Ben Miller

Bethany Alex

Brian Lantzy

Britney Stroever

Buddy Frezza

Carmela Cannavo

Chris Mahaney

Christine Barber

Clayton McCullough

Colton Partlow

Courtney Lemasney

Courtney Wonnell

Dan Wallace

Daniel Olano

Dave Dillon

Dawn Tartaglia

Debbie Ruffing

Diego Miranda

Donald Barnes

Donna Hoagland

Elizabeth Martin

Ellie May

Emily Kutsmeda

Eric Brasher

Eric Tirado

Felicia Tucker

Gabriel Tartaglia

Gina Rogean

Giovanni Chinchilla

Glendese Miller-Lyn

Greg Brown

Hilary Kloska

Holly Barnhart

Holly Willette

Hugh Herlin

Jack Zehler

Jackie Feaganes

Jamie Vandergast

Jason Pugsley

Jeff Embick

Jen Eisenman

Jen Holihan

Jen Oliver

Jessica DeYoung

Jessica Leone

Jessica Rupar

Jill Snowney

Jillian Brown

Jim Anderson

Jim May

Jody (Joseph) Gentile

Johanna Rodriguez

John Greene

John Mattessich

John Shealy

Jonel Isip

Jorge Lorenzo

Joy Poletti

Juan Gonzalez

Kaitlin Laganelli

Katie Fraga

Katy Martin

Kayla Wintermute

Kim Habermann

Kristin Brogan

Laura Coffey

Laura Spalding

Lauren King

Laurie Amaral

Lindsay Shutes

Marcy Lantzy

Mark Lemasney

Mark Makens

Martha DeForest

Martin Ondrus

Marvin Ong

Mary Isip

Matt Andrews

Matthew Fredericks

Melanie Sebastian

Melissa Dixon

Melissa Pawley-Lichter

Michael Pugsley

Michael Sheehan

Michelle Hendee

Mike Anthony

Nancy Meyer

Nicole Van Vliet

Nikki Frezza

Pamela Li

Pattie Embick

Peter Bosco

Peter Mollengarden

Randi Kidd

Ray Pitts

Ross Sanford

Sadie Wackett

Shannon Frezza

Steven Schultz

Tammy Anton

Tanya Kekki

Taylor Reeves

Theron Toney

Tia Bunting

Tony Frezza

Travis Rogean

Travis Thompson

Trish Newell

Walker Phillips

Wendy Manley

Will Cording

Wilmarie Ortiz

Zach Summers

Zack Fraga

Zane Beard

Here is our list of athletes who are on track to make the Committed Club if they can stay committed in the second half of the year!

The numbers next to their names are their total attendances for the year so far to July 15th. 

The goal is over 200 for the calendar year for these athletes who have missed 15 in a calendar month yet have still been very committed. 

Amy Duell 103

Amy Hickman 104

Andrew Frezza 108

Anna Davis 101

Blake Schulman 95

Brian Flaherty 100

Danielle Bettigrew 105

David Brock 99

David Thomas 98

Debbie Oster 97

Em Lazott 92

Greg Mcfatter 91

Jack Ovadias 105

John Aiello 92

Josh Grove 98

Justin Backus 97

Kaitlin Guerin 102

Keith Dubauskas 97

Kyle Donham 90

Lenny Tomson 97

Natalie Brady 92

Normandie Carsten 98

Paul Bebble 98

Rhonda Gualtieri 90

Richard Silberberg 92

Rick Hoagland     97

Robert Gresham 95

Robert Ray 92

Sandy Gohl 105

Sara Wiles 104

Scotty Angelo 120

Sean Sukhu 114

Shea Glass 119