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Andrew Frezza

Owner and Coach

Andrew Frezza has been CrossFitting for an impressive nine years, and he specializes in breaking down complex movements into simple skills and progressions that anybody can do. “I love making CrossFit accessible to all types of people and fitness levels,” he says. Andrew got serious about CrossFit back in 2011, when he and his girlfriend Nikki (now wife) moved to London. It was there that he was coached by great CrossFit trainers who ignited his passion for becoming a coach himself. When he returned home to Davie, FL, he coached at 3 different CrossFit boxes from Key Biscayne to Pompano, to gain as much experience as he could. “The thought was that if I enjoyed coaching CrossFit as much as I thought I would, that I would eventually open up a box myself,” he says. Within a year, my brother and my Dad were on board with my crazy idea and CrossFit Palm Beach was born. Andrew earned a scholarship to play Division II baseball at Barry University in North Miami, and he was named Male Athlete of the Year for the entire university his senior year. After graduation, he was drafted in the 31st round of the 2008 MLB draft by the Boston Red Sox, which was bittersweet as a lifelong Yankees fan. Andrew and Nikki now have 2 little boys, Cooper and Liam, who can usually be found taking advantage of the CFPB kids room each morning. To schedule a call with Coach Andrew: SCHEDULE HERE! Certifications CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Level 2 CrossFit Level 3 Active Life Assessment Workshop Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Training CrossFit Aerobic Capacity with Chris Hinshaw CrossFit Mobility with Kelly Starrett CrossFit Gymnastics CrossFit Pose Method CrossFit Kids USAW Level 1 OPEX Athlete Camp CrossFit Judges Course CrossFit Scaling Course Freestyle Gymnastics w/ Carl Paoli Olympic Weightlifting with Team USA Coach Daniel Camargo Olympic Weightlifting with Glenn Pendlay Competitive Excellence Athlete Camp with Ben Bergeron.

Tony Frezza

Co-Owner and Coach

Coach Tony grew up playing sports his entire life. He and Andrew used to gather the neighborhood kids for any and every type of game they could play; baseball, football, roller hockey, frisbee, kickball, basketball, and a bunch of other games they made up. “We joke that we never stopped inviting our friends over to play games. That’s what makes staying fit actually fun, and something you want to do tomorrow and the next day.” Tony graduated from Rollins College in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with an Economics major. “I never went to school for health and fitness, but always loved learning about it in magazines,” says Tony. “I elected to take one Exercise Physiology class in college and met my wife Shannon there. It’s amazing how one class can change your whole life.” Tony and Shannon have two kids, Dylan (est. 2013) and Arielle (est. 2016). Dylan takes part in our FitKids program that Tony coaches for the 6-7 yr olds. Shannon does a lot of the graphic design you see at FitTown Jupiter, creating our logos and all of our clothing. Tony and Andrew always admired their dad growing up as he coached every team they were on, sometimes together. He still works out with us and crushes it at 72 years young. “Our dad is my biggest inspiration to influence others in a positive way. We are very much introverts like him, but come alive on the playing field, and now the gym. Our dad will always treat people the way he wants to be treated, and leave every person and place better than he found them… lessons I hope to instill in my kids.” Certifications Bachelor of Arts from Rollins College (2006) Economics Major CrossFit Level 3 Precision Nutrition Level 1 CrossFit Scaling CrossFit Judges Competitive Excellence Athlete Camp with Ben Bergeron CrossFit Aerobic Capacity with Chris Hinshaw CrossFit Mobility with Kelly Starrett POSE Method Running with Dr. Romanov Olympic Weightlifting with Team USA Coach Daniel Camargo Active Life Assessment Workshop Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach Training.

Melissa Dixon

Coach and Manager

Melissa works hard to help people live full and happy lives. “I’m passionate for empowering individuals and helping them achieve goals they never believed would be possible,” She says. “The personal connections you make with people through the process of coaching really makes this job rewarding.” Melissa has been an athlete all her life, moving between sports like swimming, softball, competitive cheerleading, and collegiate rowing. In regard to becoming a coach at FitTown, she says, “I took the long, windy road.” Her unique story includes years of experience leading and educating about fitness. “I coached competitive cheerleading while I began pursuing a degree in Phys Ed/Coaching… stopped to join the United States Navy where I was in charge of my unit’s physical fitness program. I got out and started teaching boot camp/aerobics at LA Fitness while finishing my degree in education, and finally landed here through my own journey back to good health.” She has had her own major transformation since beginning here. When Melissa started with us she was 215 lbs. She will proudly tell you she is 160 solid pounds of muscle and doesn’t want to be a pound less. It is why she is most passionate about helping others find their ideal feeling, not weight. When Melissa isn’t coaching, she is busy being a mom to her two boys, which she says usually includes non-stop baseball, bike riding, paddle boarding, scrubbing stains out of clothes, and lots of Neosporin. For herself? She loves to surf and paint.


CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer Rockstar Coaching Course Intensive CrossFit Gymnastics CrossFit Scaling CrossFit Anatomy B.S. Science Education CPR/AED Certified. O23 Holistic Lifestyle Specialist Level 1 & Level 2

Austin Bettigrew


Coach Austin Bettigrew has been a coach for 6 years, and found his passion for the sport after a lifetime of playing sports. Austin specializes in keeping the class environment fun and making complicated movements seem simple. He says, “I have always wanted to help people in some way, originally my plans were to be a school teacher (which I decided after watching the movie ‘Freedom Writers’), but after seeing the impact the coaches had on everyone in class, me included – I knew that is exactly what I wanted to be.” While Austin might spend a lot of time at FitTown Jupiter, he also enjoys watching movies with his wife Danielle, who is also a coach here. His favorite quote is, “Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life…do that.” Certifications CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Level 2 Active Life Assessment Workshop Active Life Coach Immersion USAW Sports Performance Coach USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach CPR/AED Certified

Danielle Bettigrew


Danielle Bettigrew brings over 6 years of fitness coaching experience to FitTown Jupiter’s coaching staff. With a unique background with the sport, Danielle says she started in CrossFit having never been an athlete. “I was so weak, I couldn’t get the bar out of the holder on my own,” she says. “But, I knew on my very first day that it was going to make a huge impact on my life. By the time I was about two months in, I knew that it was what I wanted to do forever! With a lot of great mentors along the way, I am lucky enough to be living my dream!” When asked what she specializes in, she might say nutrition, but when diving into the subject, she thinks the most important part of coaching is building relationships. “I like to build trust first and foremost because it makes for a successful athletes/coach experience,” she says. “I’m passionate for helping people become healthier for their families, their lives, and to build confidence. Seeing people accomplish things they thought they couldn’t is the best feeling in the world.” “Make It Count” is Danielle’s favorite quote, and it guides her in life. “I have this tattooed on my ribs. I find it so important. Regardless of what you are doing, always give it everything you’ve got, and cherish every second.” Certifications CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer CrossFit Level 2 Certified Trainer Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Jack Zehler coach at FitTown Jupiter

Jack Zehler


Coach Jack first found CrossFit when he was 15 years old. He would wake up to do 5:30am workouts at the local BodyPlex while his mom was “trying this new gym in town”. He thought CrossFit might give him an edge on the soccer field. He did CrossFit until his senior year when he would have a knee injury that would prevent him from doing both. In 2016, Jack got offered a job as a CrossFit coach and a personal trainer. During the process of studying for his L-1 certificate course, Jack began to fully immerse himself in the methodology that CrossFit teaches and the virtuosity mindset that it encourages. Over time, Jack found that his favorite part of coaching was creating meaningful bonds with members that can last a lifetime. After living in his hometown for 22 years, Jack wanted a way to expand his horizons both literally and metaphorically. He found that FitTown Jupiter was hiring and wasted no time to apply. When he came down to visit, he immediately fell in love with the culture and community of FitTown Jupiter as well as the beautiful landscape. He promptly packed his things and moved down here with his girlfriend, Kaytlynn, and his dog, Parker. Jack’s favorite quote is “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”. He believes that you are always your greatest critique and that you are almost always the thing that is holding you back. He says “If you allow fear to control your mindset, you will be limiting what you are truly capable of doing. We are ALL far more able than we are or have ever been unable.” Certifications CrossFit LEVEL 1 CrossFit LEVEL 2 Precision Nutrition Level 1 ACE Rocktape Blades CrossFit Scaling CrossFit Lesson Planning CrossFit Spot the Flaw.

Josh Marunde


Josh grew up playing every sport and extracurricular available to him. Raised in a town of 1700 people, he took advantage of every opportunity to get out and experience life that was offered to him. Winning culture was a staple in school, winning a state championship and achieving numerous state wrestling and track appearances. The values of hard work, discipline, and teamwork were instilled early. In addition to sports, Josh nurtured a passion for music and the arts. After high school, he attended college in pursuit of a Music Industry Management degree. While in school Josh began touring regionally, while also playing club rugby and lacrosse. These two themes (sports and music) remain prevalent in Josh’s life today as a coach and musician. After college Josh was given the opportunity to tour the world as a professional drummer. These travels took him to all 48 contiguous states and 13 countries. This is also what lead him to discover CrossFit in late 2013. After completing his first CrossFit Open in ’14, he immediately re-entered the competitive field, while touring the world. In the next five years, Josh qualified for Regionals in the Central East, obtained his L1, and eventually would leave the band to purchase and run his own gym in Michigan. After four years of vacationing to Jupiter for winters, Josh and his wife Jess decided to make the jump to move here full-time. Outside of music and sports, Josh loves to spend time with his wife, cuddle his two doggies (Willie and Sophia), travel, read, travel, and indulge in food and drink. Josh’s favorite part about coaching is forming a connection with clients. “I believe we can learn something from every single person we meet. I hope to always remain a student throughout life.” Certifications CrossFit L1 Certification CrossFit Scaling CrossFit Judging.

Chris Mahaney


Chris was born in Bangor, ME and grew up in Connecticut. He played football and lacrosse in high school. After high school, Chris had the opportunity to play NCAA Lacrosse at The Colorado College. While at college playing lacrosse, Chris was also a professional snowboarder training for the Olympics. He told us, “I had an amazing opportunity to travel the world as an athlete while also learning about different cultures in both big cities and the smallest mountain towns. I traveled everywhere from Australia and New Zealand, all across Europe, even to the southern most point in Argentina – it was amazing.”
However, Chris’ Olympic dream ended twice over – first before the 2010 Olympic Games with a significant lisfranc injury to his left foot, and second after an ACL tear before the 2014 Games in Sochi. After that, Chris couldn’t find an outlet for competitive sport. So, when Chris had an opportunity to move to London for 3 years as an early employee for Fever-Tree drinks he went for it. After an amazing experience at Fever-Tree, Chris followed his passion for music, which he studied at Colorado College, to write and perform songs in Nashville. It was during this time that Chris found CrossFit and found a community that always made him feel welcome no matter where he was in the world or in his fitness journey. Within 6 months, he got his Level 1 and started coaching.
After Chris moved to Florida with his wife, Stephanie, he wanted to find that same feeling of community he had in Nashville. Within a few weeks, Chris walked in the doors of what is now FitTown Jupiter. After a few adventures in and out of Florida with Stephanie, they decided to come back to Jupiter and make it their home to raise their two kids, India and Aidan. “The community we found, even with that first drop-in class back in 2017, really stuck with us over the years. I’m looking forward to committing more of myself to the community as a coach.”

Certifications: CFL1, CFL2

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