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Who You Follow Shapes Your Future

I don’t write for your entertainment. You have cat videos for that. 

You’re reading this for a reason. You want to grow and get better. Your time is valuable so my words must be worth every second your eyes give to them.I want my words to help level up your life. Like a good meal, you feel nourished, inspired, and ready for your next challenge. Similarly to your nutrition, healthy foods make you crave more healthy foods. Good words hopefully make you crave more good words.

Ensuring you have a good diet of nutritious words into your mind takes a lot of work. Social media is filled with calorically rich (time-consuming), nutrient-deficient content. Advertisements smother you with messaging of lack and scarcity. Shows and movies lack the wholesome ingredients they used to have. 

You’re going to consume a lot of stuff this week. My posts are barely a side in comparison to all that you’ll devour this week. I’m barely green beans. 

I joke, but I need you to know the serious dangers of not guarding your mind. 

“When you choose who to follow on Twitter, you are choosing your future thoughts.” – James Clear (author of “Atomic Habits”- posted on Twitter). 

Do you believe it’s possible to have thoughts that are better than the thoughts of others you’ve been exposed to? Can children have better mindsets than the ones their parents modeled for them? 

Can the outputs of your mind be greater than the inputs? The garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) model would suggest that it’s not possible to have an output that is better than the inputs. What garbage are you allowing to slip into the diet of your mind? 

Every time I watch a football game lately, I get this weird feeling. It’s hard to describe, and it’s not a good feeling. I promise it’s NOT because I’m a NY GIANTS fan. 

I noticed the feeling comes from watching commercials, which I don’t see outside of football games. Even social media ads I’m able to swipe through without a second thought. 

My mind has gotten so used to only consuming useful information on my terms, that it has this aversion to consuming crap. Just like how my body doesn’t do great with too many desserts, my mind tells myself to turn it off. 

I watch a lot of game highlights post-game just so I can skip commercials. If I want to watch it live as it happens, it’s hard to escape the commercials. As with most things in life, we have controllables and uncontrollables. 

Clients at FitTown like to ask how they should eat at parties. For the most part, eat however you want as long as you ate great the rest of the week. And eat until satisfied, not sick. You may feel a lack of control over what foods will be at a party, and that’s okay. You get to control the rest of your week. 

The same thing goes for what your mind will consume this week. There will be some things said or sent to you by friends. There will be ads you’d like to escape. 

You still get to choose who you follow and what you allow on your phone, laptop, or TV. Unfollow the people who aren’t helping you achieve a higher mind. Unsubscribe from the content that isn’t helping you. 

What are you doing to be intentional with the nourishment of your mind?Be careful with what comes in, because it determines what comes out. -Coach Tony