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Just Show Up… And Get Rewarded!

We want you to show up. 

When you pay for a membership at FitTown, our hope is that it’s your first step toward the best version of yourself, and we want to help you get there. 

We don’t want to have you pay us only to use 3 classes. We want to see you multiple times a week, and invest in your goals just as you have. 

That’s why we created our Committed Club. 

The Committed Club is an incentivized program designed to help you stay on track with your fitness goals. 

If you attend 15 classes in a calendar month (averaging 3-4 times a week), you’re in. Yes… It’s that simple!

We find that when you commit to 3 times a week in the gym… that’s when you start to see the payoff outside of the gym. You start to want to see your new friends in class. You feel more energized. You start to desire to eat more protein, and more whole, nutrient dense foods. 

It becomes your routine, and something you enjoy. And we enjoy seeing you, too. 

So we challenge you to Just Show Up ! 

We’re here for you, and can’t wait to celebrate your wins alongside you. 

To get started at FitTown or to learn more about Committed Club, email [email protected]