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What’s in a COACH?

Sure, a coach is there to cheerlead, to help with form and technique and to give you a good workout. But here at FitTown, we believe that “COACH” goes beyond that.

We polled some of our coaches, to find out just what coaching means to them. Here are some of their responses:

“Coaching is my way of deepening relationships with athletes. You get to understand what makes people tick and simultaneously help them on this transforming journey on their way to the person they want to become. The beauty is in the individuality.”

“To me, coaching is about empowering the people around me to take care of themselves and others. Through exercise, we can become more physically and mentally prepared to overcome the challenges life throws at us.”

“Coaching is special because you get to celebrate all of the little wins. A first push up or pull up is usually a lot more than just that, and when that postpartum mom does her first running workout after coming back, you feel just as proud as she does. I love exercise and coaching a good workout, but more than that I love being an ally, a trusted confidant, and a teammate to the people who walk in our doors.” 

“Being a coach is a privilege because you have the ability to shape the way a person thinks about themselves and influence their lives in ways that reach far beyond the walls of the gym.”

“Being a coach is equal parts inspiring others and being inspired. It’s a huge privilege to play a small part in people transforming their lives.”

Pictured: Coach Austin coaching 13 year old weightlifter, Dylan, at weightlifting states. Dylan placed 2nd, and is headed to Nationals in the next couple weeks. Join us in cheering him on!

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