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A Challenge-turned-Habit: Featuring the 4:30 AM Crew

Over 10 weeks ago, we challenged our members to either run 50 miles in 50 days, or do 1,250 push-ups in 50 days. 

Our 5:00 AM FTX class decieded to take on this challenge together, and made a pact to show up at 4:30am on weekdays and run a mile together. 

The #FitTown50 challenge ended 5 weeks ago… but this (now) 4:30 AM crew is still going strong! This picture was taken just yesterday, as they continue to live out this challenge-turned-habit, as a team. 

These amazing humans embody what we mean when we say #JustShowUp and we feel priviledged to have them in our #FitFamily!

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