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FitTown 50 Challenge!

fittown 50 challenge

As we approach the start of summer and our annual Hero Tribute Workout MURPH, we thought it would be fun to do a challenge to help prepare us for the workout, and well, life.

So we came up with the “FitTown 50” Challenge which will take place over the course of 50 days from April 3rd through May 22nd.

You can choose the push up challenge, the run challenge, or BOTH!

The Push-Up Challenge is to perform 1,250 total push-ups in 50 days.

The Run Challenge is to run 50 total miles in 50 days.

Now don’t be intimidated by large numbers, but instead, get motivated by small habits. You can accomplish the push-up goal by simply doing 25 push-ups every day. And you can accomplish the running challenge by simply running 1 mile every day.

What are some rules…
Your push-ups and running during class will COUNT towards your totals in this challenge.
You can modify push-ups by using an elevated surface like boxes or benches. Not having flat ground push-ups is not an excuse to not try this challenge.
You can modify the run by using a machine at the gym if necessary. Just remember 1600m = 1 mile, and the bike is double those meters.
If you choose to do both challenges, we can guarantee you’ll be much more prepared for the MURPH workout. We encourage you to at least choose the one you are weaker at. Choose the one you fear most!

The challenge begins Monday April 3rd!

Tag us on social media using “FitTown50” in your challenge posts.