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Danielle’s Transformation into Fit Mom, Coach, and Athlete.

Many of you know Coach Danielle as a pro nutritionist, fit mama and athlete, and one of your favorite coaches.

However, Danielle actually started from square one, without a foundation in exercise or nutrition. She had a weight loss journey of her own that ignited a passion to help others.

Coach Danielle said, “I developed a passion for nutrition through my own weight loss journey. I struggled physically and mentally after a labrum/bicep surgery in early 2014. I gained a bunch (30+ lbs) and felt like I was never going to be pain-free again. One day, Austin said, “I can’t stand it when people complain about something over and over again but refuse to change it.” He wasn’t talking about me, but it resonated. I went home, did my research, and bought every book I could find.”

That day, Danielle began her weight loss journey, and she hasn’t looked back since. “I fell in love with the science behind proper nutrition and loved every step of my own journey. It was then that I realized I wanted to help others understand just how good healthy food can make you feel inside and out.”

Since 2014, Danielle has become a mom to two sweet little girls. She strives to create healthy relationships with food in the lives of her girls, too. “It is important for me to teach them that food is fuel and girls CAN eat. Leading by example is my biggest motivator to stay on track with my food but to also show them that it’s okay to have fun.”, she said. In their house, Danielle strives to make food enjoyable, but to also put purpose behind it.

Danielle also has her own athletic goals, and you can always find her girls cheering mom on. They’ve watched her compete in triathlons, CrossFit competitions, and marathons. They’re always at the gym watching mom and dad coach and exercise. In their house, fitness isn’t a chore, it’s fun.

“I want my girls to look at me and see that women are strong. They can have muscles, lift heavy things, and overcome difficult obstacles. Our bodies and minds are powerful, and I’m proud to be a #StrongMom”, she said.

Coach Danielle leads an awesome Nutrition Program here at FitTown. If you’re interested in 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, reach out to [email protected].