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Erin Takes on Wing Surfing

We’re constantly in awe of all the amazing ways our FitTown Family chooses to #LiveLifetotheFittest

Recently, our awesome member Erin shared with us how her fitness in the gym translated to an incredible new hobby outside of the gym.

She said, “The strength and agility I have developed at Fit Town have given me the confidence to try a new sport. Recently I have taken up wing foiling which is something I never would have even considered in the past.”

If you’ve never heard of it (and don’t feel bad because we definitely googled it after she showed us this pretty incredible photo), wing foiling (or wing surfing) is a wind propelled water sport.The sailor (A.K.A., Erin), standing on a board, holds directly onto a wing, using the wind to move the board across the water. 

This sport takes coordination and strength, both of which Erin has been perfecting in the gym. 

Thanks for sharing, Erin! How are you using your fitness outside of the gym? Let us know by emailing [email protected]

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