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Athlete of the Month: Tami Gresham

Our Female Athlete of the Month for April is Tami Gresham!  Tami recently made it into our 1000th workout club at FitTown Jupiter! She’s been with us since 2013, when her son Rob invited her to try it out. She didn’t think she could handle CrossFit, but surprised herself by rising to the challenge. She’s faced a huge challenge this past year being a middle-school teacher through a pandemic, yet continues to get up early for her 450am workout before dedicating her day to her students. She credits FitTown for helping her keep up with her students, as well as with her grandkids. Back in 2013, she had zero grandkids to keep up with, now she has 4!  “I am so thankful for our gym….you guys have changed the quality of my life! I love what this 61-year-old body can do.” says Tami. We think you’re pretty incredible too Tami, and amazed at the energy and determination you show up with each day. We are grateful to have you and your amazing family in our FitTown Family!

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Tell us a little about yourself.

I have been married for 39 years, have 2 kids Rob and Aubree who also attend FitTown, and 4 grandsons (one of the most important reasons I’m a gym “rat” to keep up with them).  I’ve been a teacher for 29 years. I love my job and want to stay young mentally and physically to keep up with those middle schoolers! Exercising not only keeps my body active but also increases my energy level and brain function! 

What’s something that others may not know about you?  Any special hobbies or interests? 

I love to kayak, try to play pickleball when I can fit it in, and just about anything outside. Hiking in the NC mountains is one of my favorite things to do. I’m happiest in gym clothes and being outdoors!

tami hiking

What is your athletic background and how did you end up at FitTown Jupiter?
I competed in gymnastics as a youth, played racketball in college..I met my hubby on the courts in Gainesville! Go Gators!!! I went to gyms as an adult, but nothing has grabbed me into total dedication like FitTown though. 

My son Rob originally brought me into CrossFit Palm Beach/FitTown Jupiter in 2013, just a handful of months after the gym opened. He said, “Mom, you can do it,” I said “no I can’t,” He said, “Yes you can!!!” So I gave it a try and loved the challenge! He continues to encourage and support me along with my daughter Aubree who I sweat with at 4:50am BeachFit. 

tami beach wod

What positive benefits have you seen from being an athlete at FitTown?
I love that my day has been so productive by 9:00am! FitTown has made me prioritize my mornings and appreciate the time I devote to myself and my health. 

Our current mindset training word is PATIENCE. Can you talk about what patience means to you?
Patience is best practiced when you listen. I am a firm believer in eye contact and a listening ear rather than hearing my voice (especially with young people). My favorite verse is, “Be still.” I’m constantly working on that! I have learned to be patient with my body and appreciate what it can do. Although I sometimes sell myself short, Coach Amanda is there to push me to pick up that 50-pound ball or do push-ups on the floor! (thanks Amanda!) Push-ups are a definite challenge for me but I’m being patient with progress! 

tami squats

Do you have any memorable workouts that you’d like to share about?
My memorable moments at FitTown are those workouts that you aren’t sure you can get through but low and behold you do! 

What advice do you have for the person who’s hesitant about starting a fitness program like this?

Just do it! There is so much support and fun workouts at FitTown…and you will love and appreciate your body for what it can do. Just watch this grandma pick up 50 lb. bags of playground sand for the sandbox in my yard! I workout for my health but also to keep up with my 4 precious full of energy grandsons! 

tami pushup

What do you love most about FitTown Jupiter?

I love having exercise being an important aspect of my family…we talk (and commiserate) over workouts and sore muscles. I love the variety of the workouts and the people at the gym! 

Thank you so much for making me “athlete of the month”! I am so thankful for our gym….you guys have changed the quality of my life! I love what this 61-year-old body can do and I’m very grateful for all the support and encouragement you (everyone at the gym!) have given me over the years. Thanks again for providing a place that makes me smile and live the best quality of life I can! 

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