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Your Coaches Have Goals TOO!

Your coaches have goals, too!

Coach Dave said, “I started the year with a goal to lose 3% body fat. I started tracking all of my food and keeping my calorie count down while consistently working out. I achieved the 3% in 3 months, going from 20.7% body fat to 17.1%, but I realized that I was losing muscle mass along with fat.”

Dave decided to consult with some other coaches, and quickly discovered that he was not eating enough protein. He decided to adjust his goal, and aim to eat .9g/lb of body weight in protein. He also added in some accessory lifting to his day. 

He said, “My body fat got down to 15.7%, and even with that my muscle mass has continued to go up consistently. I’m up almost 5lbs of muscle!” 

We’re just as passionate about your goals as you are! If you have a specific goal in mind, consult with a coach today by emailing [email protected]