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Thank YOU Coach Jack!

Thank you Coach Jack for coaching us at FitTown over the past 3 years! We will miss you as you head back home to Georgia. 

Every time you started a class, everyone knew to turn up their energy a few notches to match yours. And when you walked the room, everyone moved a little better as you have one of the finest eyes for corrections (in the gym, or just out at Papichulos). Jack, you brought a special kind of joy and positivity to our team and gym that we will surely miss. 

Jack joined our gym family just one week before we had to shut down in 2020. Instead of sitting back or just leaving us then, Jack asked what he could do to keep moving the gym forward. Jack assisted in different gym projects, helping to lay the new floors in the kids’ room among many other things. Little did we know then that his singing while working was quite the habit. While his voice may never make “The Voice”, we sure will miss it echoing through our buildings. 

Tomorrow will be Coach Jack’s last day around the gym hanging out, so make sure to give him one final goodbye before he heads back home to Georgia.

Thank you Coach Jack for making us all fitter!