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Introducing NEW Benchmark WOD, “Sweaty Momma”!

We are thrilled to announce a new milestone that we never imagined would happen when we opened our doors a decade ago.  

One of our extraordinary members, Jenny Eisenman, recently became the first member to achieve over 2000 classes at FitTown.  

Jenny’s dedication, perseverance, and love of fitness have inspired us all. To honor her incredible achievement, and express our gratitude for her continuous support, we are introducing a brand-new initiative for all members who reach the 2000 class milestone.  

Starting with Jenny, any member who achieves 2000 classes with us will have the incredible opportunity to collaborate with us on a benchmark workout that holds special meaning to them.  They can design the workout, choose exercises and reps that resonate with their fitness journey, and dedicate it to someone special in their lives.  

And so this Saturday, we invite you to join us in celebrating Jenny’s accomplishment with the inaugural benchmark FTX workout “Sweaty Momma”.  This workout is dedicated to her 2 amazing kids, Stover and Coral, and if you know Jenny well, this will be a long and sweaty one in her honor.  

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

“Sweaty Momma” – 36 minute AMRAP (Partner WOD)

800m run

7 Rope Climbs

44 Hang Power Cleans

800/700m Row

44 Toes to Rings

44 Back Squats

*One partner works on the chipper while the other partner accumulates biks cals, switching as needed. Once two rounds are complete, partners will share the bike to continue adding to their max calorie total

See you all Saturday!