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How SugarWOD Made Me a Better Human

I used to be obsessed with SugarWOD, and not for the right reasons.

I wasn’t in it for the fist bumps or community engagement or to cheer on my fellow members. I was in it to top that leaderboard.

I would check SugarWOD before every workout, and push myself to beat the high score. I would think about pushing harder during a workout even on days when I felt off, and I would beat myself up if I had what I considered a bad day in the gym. 

I’m extremely competitive against myself, and it can either bring out the best in me or the worst… and for awhile it was bringing out the worst. 

When I got pregnant with my youngest, I had some complications almost immediately that put me on bed rest and unable to workout. I remember laying in my bed one day and thinking, “I just can’t wait to be back in the gym again.”

But in that moment I remember knowing that something changed. When I took a step back and thought about what I missed most, it wasn’t “winning” workouts. I missed the community, the support, the people, the encouragement and fellowship of other athletes. When all of the fitness is taken away.. what do we have left? It’s the people. 

When I came back to the gym last year, I didn’t use SugarWOD. I focused on my friendships, my health, and having fun in workouts. It was nice. 

Now, I’m back on SugarWOD, and I’m realizing how much my relationship with the app has changed and evolved into something so much better. I find myself reading member’s notes so that I can join in on celebrating their wins. I love fist-bumping the crap out of people. And I literally have not thought about the leaderboard or checked my status since before I was pregnant. 

I’m thankful to workout beside all of my people every single day… what a gift that is in itself. So thank you, SugarWOD, for teaching me to be a better human.

Do you use SugarWOD to track your workouts and give others all the love? If you need help with #SugarWOD, shoot us a DM and we’ll get you set up!