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Fit Family: The Fucigna’s

We love families supporting each other in their fitness!

Recently long time member-turned-drop-in Elora competed in the Atlantic Coast Classic. Her amazing parents and FitTown members, Cindy and Tom headed to the competition to support Elora, physically and emotionally!

Ultimate cheerleader and dad Tom told us, “I finally figured out what you’ve been training me for- carrying all of Elora’s stuff across the street to her CrossFit competition!” 

When Elora is home to visit, you can find her working out in BeachFit with her mom, dad and even sister Bella. This fit family is the best of the best, and we love having them in this FitTown family!

If you’re looking for an environment and community that supports whole health for the entire family, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us at [email protected]!