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Make a Personal Mission Statement

When we recently rebranded CrossFit Palm Beach to FitTown Jupiter, I talked about my view of the importance of brand.  I believe we all have brands that we represent, personal ones, that tell the world who we are. 

We all have the brand of (insert your name here) to represent. It’s important we show the world what our brand stands for. The goal here isn’t to attract more Instagram followers and become an “influencer”. The goal of your brand is to define the things you believe in so that you become a better influencer of your own thoughts and actions. If as a byproduct you end up positively influencing another human then that’s great too. 

These past few months have been hard for a lot of people. There are real problems in this world that need our care and attention. It’s also an election year so the routine narrative of “the world is ending unless you vote for us” is out in full force, from both sides. It’s paramount that you limit the influence you let the media and social media feeds have over you. (And on an important side note, please stop reading the comments. Yes, all the comments. Stop reading them.)  Most importantly, you should be the one influencing you the most, in uncertain times. 

There’s a lot of people looking to famous athletes or movie stars for guidance. People are calling on their favorite business brands to speak for them during this time. 

Let’s start by speaking for our own brand. 

Brand isn’t superficial amenities that come with a product. That’s marketing. Brand goes much deeper than that. Brand is rooted in values, principles, and mission statements. 

You may have created a mission statement for your business but have you ever thought about making a personal mission statement for yourself or for your family?

A personal mission statement can be a glowing guiding light during dark times. In these past few months, I’ve read my own mission statement often, as I’ve come upon daily challenges. 

I’m typically an open book with you guys, and always really transparent with personal stuff. Today won’t be any different as I thought it might be helpful to others if I shared my personal mission statement with you. 

I wrote this mission statement in September of 2018 on the back page of my journal. This is the second journal that I’ve filled up over the past 4-ish years. I write in it 3-4 times a week about family life and the things I want to remember and cherish about my wife and kids. 

My Personal Mission Statement

“I wake up every morning full of gratitude. I cherish every moment and memory of this life with my family. I aim to be the best version of myself every day. Someone my kids want to be like, and others seek inspiration from. A life lived with integrity, where honesty and treating others fairly is non-negotiable.  I will be the person my wife Shannon dreams to be around because of the way I make her feel and help her be the best version of herself.  I will love her more than I love anything in this world and show our kids what it means to love. Each day I will intentionally teach my kids something with patience and grace. I wish my legacy to be one of inspiring others to get the most out of life. To constantly teach what I learn and not squander life’s lesson to myself. I want Dylan to feel like Dad taught him all he needed to know.  I want Arielle to see what the men she brings into her life should be like. I will love my kids with unconditional, undying love, every second of my life. I’m who I am in business because of who I am at home. I do everything for my family.  Leave it better than you found it, is my motto for everything. Leave the room you walked into, the person you just met, the class you just led, better than you found it. That’s what living a great, fulfilled life is to me. And when I leave this world for good, I will be able to say I left this world better than I found it.”

You can’t set and forget a personal mission statement. It must be a living thing you lean into daily to give it life. Looking back at my own mission statement and seeing the world hurting right now, fires me up to work even harder to leave this world a better place. I can, and will, do more. 

I encourage you to sit down with a notepad or laptop and start jotting down the things that matter most to you. It doesn’t have to be eloquent or grammatically correct, it just has to represent you.  It has to be true to the brand of you. 

When you define what’s important to you and what your brand stands for, that is where your energy will flow. If your kids are old enough, include them in the process of forming a family mission statement. 

You can refine your mission statement over time, but get it started today. Write it in a place where you can revisit it often. Let it guide you, and your family, and the actions you take daily. 

And if you ever want to share your mission statement, I’d love to hear yours. 

-Coach Tony