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How to Receive Committed Club Credit for Remote Workouts


We’re so excited to have both in house members and remote members this year. It’s allowed us to expand FitTown outside of these walls and all across the globe. This is an amazing opportunity, and we want those who remain remote to feel the same community as everyone who experiences a workout at FitTown each day. For this reason, we’ve made it possible for remote members to receive Committed Club credit, and therefore have the opportunity to earn the same perks as everyone else (because who wouldn’t want a FitTown T-Shirt and Tumbler?!)

When we first shut down FitTown Jupiter for COVID in March 2020, we were allowing check-ins for any physical activity performed outside the gym as long as it was logged in SugarWOD.  Starting in November 2020, we updated that policy so we are now only giving class credit for workouts that look similar to what we do in the gym.  Here is a breakdown of what counts and what doesn’t.  

What workouts count for a check-in:

  • Any version of a BeachFit, FTX, or Remote workout from that day, a past day, or a future day.
  • Any drop-in class while traveling at a functional fitness facility such as CrossFit, Boot Camp, F45, Orange Theory, Madabolic, HEW, etc.
  • A workout that looks like something that we would do in the gym, but is something that you created on your own or found online.  This could include mash-ups of workouts that we have programmed, girl or hero workouts, mini-triathlons, etc.  
  • A competitive 5k, half-marathon/marathon, triathlon, functional fitness competition, or obstacles course race as part of an event.
  • A personal training session or outside programming provided by one of our FitTown coaches.

What workouts don’t count:

  • A single cardio activity like going for a walk, run, bike ride, paddleboarding, surfing, etc. 
  • Yoga or a stretching session
  • Pilates, Zumba, or some other class that is different from what we do in BeachFit and FTX
  • Traditional sports like basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, etc. 

**We love to see you taking active recovery days and using your fitness outside the gym, but they will just no longer count towards your class check-ins each month as it relates to committed club and lifetime workout totals at FitTown.  

How to Log Your Score:

  • In order to receive credit for your workout, you will need to log your workout in the “FitTown Remote” track in SugarWOD on today’s date, prior to the end of the day.  Meaning, if today is October 20th, but you performed a FTX workout that was programmed on October 14th, you will still need to record your workout in the October 20th FitTown Remote Track before the end of the day.  If the scoring it is asking for in SugarWOD doesn’t match up with the type of workout you did, utilize your SugarWOD notes to let us know what workout you were making up that day.  


If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at 561-676-3710 or email [email protected]