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Committed Club FAQ!

What Is It?

The committed club is an attendance based recognition and reward system to get members consistently showing up to FitTown Jupiter each month.  It will be broken up into monthly, quarterly, and yearly milestones with rewards along the way.  In order to achieve committed club status, you will have to attend at least 15 classes during each calendar month.  At the end of each month, quarter, and year, we will recognize those individuals who have attended at least 15 classes during EACH of the coinciding calendar months.


At the beginning of each month, we will recognize the prior month’s committed club.  All members of the committed club for that month will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes.  Example: Everyone who attends at least 15 classes from January 1 to January 31 will be recognized as a member of the committed club for January and will be entered into the January raffle. The full list of Committed Club names is also given recognition on our blog and social media.


At the end of 2020, we will recognize and reward the individuals who have been in the committed club for all 12 months of 2020.  This means you will have to get at least 15 visits in EACH of the 12 calendar months of 2020. The yearly Committed Club members each receive a free t-shirt that is only available to those who have earned it. You can’t buy it.


At the end of each quarter (3-month period), we will recognize the quarterly committed club.  All members of the committed club for that quarter will be entered into a raffle to win some even sweeter prizes.  Example:  Everyone who attends at least 15 classes in January, February, and March will be recognized in the 1st quarter committed club and will be entered into the quarterly raffle.

Q: How will the visits be tracked?

A: The visits will be tracked by signing in to Zen Planner each day via the app.

Q: Does Yoga (Sundays) count towards my committed club visits?

A: Yes!  Yoga will count as a visit, just remember to reserve on Zen Planner.

Q: If I am out of town can I still check into Remote workouts for class credit? 

A: Yes! If you do not go on hold for your time away, you can reserve the remote workout at the end of each day and log your workout score in the FitTown Remote track in SugarWOD to get a check in for that workout. these all count towards your Committed Club attendances and help you stay fit while traveling.

Q: If I miss the committed club for a given month or quarter, will that affect the next month or quarter?

A: No, each month and quarter are considered separately from previous months and quarters.

Q: Will I get a bonus for exceeding 15 visits in a calendar month?  Can I use extra visits towards a past or future month?

A: No, the focus of the committed club is rewarding you for being consistent each month, so there are no additional rewards for exceeding 15 visits or ways to transfer extra visits to other months.  As it relates to the committed club, having 15 visits or 30 visits in a given month are equally as awesome.

Q: What if I miss one month out of the yearly?

A: We realize there are times that truly keep us out (childbirth, illness, etc) so we count the total yearly as 11/12 months AND a total yearly attendance of 200 or more.



We will raffle off 2, $50 FitTown Gift Certificates which will be applied to your membership


We will raffle off 2, ½ month credits to be used towards your next monthly membership payment


Everyone who achieves Committed Club status for the entire calendar year will earn a limited-edition FitTown Jupiter Committed Club t-shirt that they can proudly wear for the rest of their lives. 

In addition, we will raffle off a Free Month of Unlimited FTX/BeachFit classes to 3 lucky winners!

**We track winners throughout the year and don’t allow someone to win two prizes in a given year.**