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Athlete of the Month: Paul Bebble

Our November Male Athlete of the Month is Paul Bebble! Paul is one of the most welcoming people in our community and never lets a new face go unnoticed. 

He says a lot of that motivation to welcome new faces came from his own hesitations of stepping into the gym. Paul wasn’t nece

ssarily afraid of the gym, he just never found anything that kept his interest. He says the accountability and camaraderie is one of the things he loves most about FitTown and wants to help give that to others, so they can become and stay committed, as he has. 

Paul just celebrated his 60th birthday, his 2-year anniversary at FitTown Jupiter, and his 300th workout all last month! 

Since joining FitTown Jupiter, Paul has dropped over 20 pounds and has gained a ton of muscle. His latest InBody scan clocked him in at 101 pounds of muscle mass and 17.3% body fat. Very few 60 year olds can sport InBody scans envious of many people half their age. 

In his very first workout with us, there were several 100m warm-up runs programmed. He was able to complete one…barely. From then on, Paul knew he had a long way to go, but he also knew he wasn’t going to quit. We’re so glad he stayed committed then and continues to stay committed today. We love having Paul in our FitTown family! Thank you Paul!

paul bebble aom

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I was born in Connecticut and grew up there into high school. My father worked for Sikorsky Aircraft and they moved some of their operations to the Jupiter area in 1975. After my older sister graduated high school in 1976, we moved down here. I attended Jupiter High School and was in the graduating class of 1978. My sister still lives in our family home to this day, just about a mile or so from the gym. 

I will never forget the first day we arrived in Jupiter because it was the only day that it ever snowed in south Florida on record. It was January 19th, 1977. If you’d like to fact check that you can follow this link…

I have 3 children who are all grown up now. My oldest son is 39, daughter is 36, and youngest son is 19. 


Were you athletic growing up and did you play any sports?

I never really played any sports beyond youth recreation sports and little league baseball. BUT…my great uncles, George Bebble and Bert Bebble, help founded Little Leauge baseball with Carl Stoltz. I always thought that was pretty cool that this thing that is so big now, started so small with a few of my family members. If you need to fact check that too, here’s another link.

paul beach

What memorable moments have you had at FitTown Jupiter?

In my very first workout, there was a 100m run after every round of movements in the warmup. I did one and could barely catch my breath. I couldn’t believe there was more to do. I told myself that no matter what, I wasn’t going to break my commitment to showing up. 

Even if it meant taking a pause every time I needed to, I wasn’t going to not try. This is something I still tell myself today. Never be afraid to take a breather, take a pause, save something to fight another day.

When I was 6 months into my journey at the gym, there was a 1 mile run on the whiteboard. It had a 12 minute time cap and I didn’t think there was any way I could beat it. 

The coach encouraged me to just do my best in the time given. I agreed and was shocked myself when I ran through the door under 10 minutes! 

“Can you believe you just ran under a 10 minute mile?” the coach asked. I couldn’t. That was a really big win for me. I now shoot for the 8’s when a mile run comes up on the whiteboard again. 

This was such a big win because my whole life I’ve felt like I’ve had exercise induced asthma. I know this feeling is from over a decade of smoking in my younger years. 

I remember I was 29 years old and I was trying to play some tennis with friends. I felt like I was going to stop breathing and die right there. From that point on I decided it was time to take care of my lungs and quit smoking once and for all.  

I still get that feeling of my lungs playing catch up in workouts. I also caught the COVID-19 virus at the beginning of February which didn’t help. I had mild symptoms and a high fever one night, so I consider myself lucky. I also have to assume the training I’ve done in BeachFit helped me get through the effects of the virus without any major problems. 

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How did you get started at FitTown Jupiter and what would you say to others looking to start? 

I started because a friend at my church Norman, highly recommended you guys. I also knew an owner of a local flooring company that I supply who was coming here. I import high-end hardwood flooring from Europe and distribute it to flooring companies throughout FL, GA, SC, and Tenn. 

I decided I would give FitTown a try for a month and see. I didn’t pressure myself into making any big changes, just committed to show up for 30 days. Now I’m the one telling everybody else to come to FitTown Jupiter.

If I were talking to someone about trying it, I’d be open with my own story. I’ve never worked out before and I just stick with it and give it my best. It’s not easy, but it’s rewarding. The hardest part is showing up and once you’re there the coach makes it easy to follow the workout and is really supportive. 

paul plate

What keeps you showing up especially on the days where you’re tired and don’t really want to go?

The social aspect is a huge part. The accountability and camaraderie is great. I know I’m not the younger guys, but I sure have fun trying to beat them from time to time. The friendly competition is amazing. It really is a brilliant concept. 

What is a motto or belief that you live by that could help others?

I love the Bible verse Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

paul spartan

Paul lending a hand and cheering on everyone at our 2020 BeachFit Spartan!

paul plate help

What is your favorite part about FitTown Jupiter?

The “done-for-you” program and organization is huge for me. I’m someone who really likes structure and order. Plus, I love the owners, and the crew, and all of my workout family!!!