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Athlete of the Month: Laura Coffey

Our Female Athlete of the Month for January is Laura Coffey!

When you see Laura’s name on the reservation list for class you know you’re in for a good time! There hasn’t ever been a shortage of laughter in the over 630 workouts that she has attended. We’re so thankful Laura decided

to join FitTown Jupiter just over three years ago. 

Laura took on this fitness journey when she knew she had to quit her 1 to 2 pack-a-day smoking habit and avoid the same COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) struggle her mom went through. Sadly, Laura lost her mom two years ago. She keeps the memory of her mom close as she works hard on her health. She always wants to be there for her son as he grows older and starts his own family. 

Laura has had a tremendous transformation that you’ll see in the pictures in this post. We’re so proud of Laura for her hard work and taking control of her health and future. 

Thank you Laura for being a part of our FitTown Family!


Tell us a little about yourself. Give us a brief background on what has made you you? How’d you end up here in Jupiter/Tequesta? 
I am a native Floridian. Raised in Jupiter, riding horses and dirt bikes on what used to be dirt roads, not six-lane highways. I feel blessed to have grown up and raised my son Logan (age 20) here. We have resided in our amazing little Village of Tequesta home for almost 23 years now. I work for a public relations firm in NPB; the same company I started with at the ripe old age of 18 (yes 18 LOL). My husband Steve is a self-employed interior trim carpenter, and our son Logan is in his third year at Florida State University. 

laura main

What’s something about you that others may not know about you?  Any special talents, hobbies, or interests?    
I unfortunately don’t have any “hidden” talents. I spend my downtime with family and friends. Our family loves to go on cruises and travel, so we enjoy doing that as much as possible. Hopefully, we can resume that sooner rather than later. Anywhere near the ocean is my happy place, but The Bahamas is my favorite. 


What’s your athletic past and what were you doing more recently before coming into FitTown? 
I really don’t have an athletic past. I did play softball and was a cheerleader as a young girl. More recently, I enjoy bowling with my husband, golfing with my son, neighborhood walks with my dog Chase and bike riding. I never worked out in a gym setting prior to coming to FitTown. I suppose I am more of an athlete now than I have ever been! 

laura and friends

With all you know now, what advice would you give the Laura who was just starting 3 years ago? 
I would tell her to not be scared or apprehensive. FitTown is an environment that makes EVERYONE feel at home and there is a workout for EVERYONE! I used to think I could never do some of the things I can do now. Just Show Up!!! Everyone from the owners to the coaches and fellow members are there to support and guide you toward your goals. 

laura deadlift

Do you have any memorable or funny moments at FitTown you’d like to share? 
Oh my goodness…too many to count! I find fun in every workout, one way or another, but I will say that during the first lockdown, a handful of our 5:30 p.m. crew organized remote WODs at Constitution Park in Tequesta until the gym could reopen. We loaded up our whiteboards with the daily WOD, and carted ALL of our equipment (DB, Boxes, Jump Ropes, etc.) into the park/gazebo. We must’ve looked like a bunch of insane women, but boy oh boy was it a hoot! We renamed BeachFit to ParkFit and really gained an enormous appreciation for our coaches and the organizational skills it takes to set up these workouts. 


What positive physical progress would you like to brag on about yourself?  
My journey to a better me began almost 10 years ago when I quit my one- to two-pack-a-day smoking habit after watching my mom suffer from the onset of COPD. I wanted to be healthier, not just for me, but for my husband and my son. Unfortunately, I ended up replacing cigarettes with food, and it didn’t take long before I had gained more than 35 pounds. It was consuming my life with restless nights of sleep, back pain, fatigue, and the overwhelming feeling of being so down on myself that at times I just didn’t care anymore. A turning point was when we were on a cruise and my husband, son, and I went ziplining in Puerto Rico. I could barely walk up the trails; I was so completely out of breath. I knew when that trip was over a change desperately needed to be made. A little over three years ago, I decided to join a small local gym and started to feel progress. (The gym shut down within a couple months after I had joined). A friend and fellow FitTown member, Laura Spalding, offered me a “Golden Ticket” to try FitTown. That was that! I was hooked! I am in better shape at 51 than I have ever been. With the support of the FitTown community, my husband, son, family, and friends, I will forge ahead being my “best me”. 

laura transformation

What is a belief, motto, or maybe even a habit that you live by to live a positive, healthy life?  What keeps you going on those tough days? 
My family is what keeps me going. I lost my mom to COPD two years ago. She was so proud of me for joining the gym, and was one of my biggest cheerleaders in my weight loss/fitness journey. I want to be here for my son and see him grow up and, hopefully, start a family of his own. I want to grow old with my husband. The only way I can do these things is by taking care of myself. It can’t be said enough, but I believe “Just Show Up” is key for us all. I did the nutrition challenge this year and it really helped me to make better choices with what I was putting into my body. I meal prep every Sunday, which is important for me to stay on a good track during the week.  

laura side by side

What do you love most about FitTown Jupiter? 
Of course, I love ALL the coaches, staff, and members, but what I love most is the overall mission of FitTown. You truly are in this FOR US! To help us all be our best selves. It is the one hour of the day that I can shut out everything else and focus on me; all while having an amazing support system with the people around me. Everyone is encouraging and uplifting, and actually having FUN working out. 

This year has brought some physical ailments for me: tendonitis in my shoulder and plantar fasciitis in my foot. The coaches have been there for me 100% when it comes to modifying my workouts, so that I can still get the most out of my WOD without causing myself further injury or stress. 

This year has certainly been a trying one for all of us. But in the midst of all the madness and uncertainty, FitTown rose to the occasion and did, literally, EVERYTHING possible to keep our community going with a positive outlook for the future. For that, I think we are ALL thankful!