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Athlete of the Month: Jen Holihan

Our Female Athlete of the Month for May is Jen Holihan! Jen has been in our BeachFit program for 3.5 years and has done over 700 workouts! Most of her workouts are at 450am before she goes to work as a pharmacist. 

Jen has accelerated her fitness recently as she focused more on her nutrition. She started working with Danielle in October and her progress has been incredible! So far she’s lost almost 25 pounds, lost 11.6% body fat, and even gained muscle through it all!!!

In her feature, Jen also talks about new accomplishments in class like bigger weights and higher box jumps. When talking about how comfortable she feels at FitTown she says, “I have never once felt embarrassed or intimidated or nervous to walk into our gym. And that started on day one.”

Although we like to think we have a lot to do with how comfortable people feel in our classes, we know it comes from having amazing people like Jen who are super supportive and easy to be around. Thank you Jen for being a member of our FitTown Family!

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Here is Jen’s Story…

I was raised in Tequesta and still live in the VOT with my boyfriend and son. I work in a pharmacy and love what I do. After trying the traditional gyms, with no real progress, I stumbled upon BeachFit when I was given a “golden ticket“ from a member. It was a free week and I never looked back.

I really do enjoy working out, and starting to even like running. We love to do all of the typical South Florida activities, fishing and boating and enjoying what mother nature has to offer us. I also love to cook, and try new recipes.

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Growing up we were always in team sports, I did dance and softball. I also played flag football in high school. I joined a regular fitness center and used the machines, so I considered myself active but until I got older and really learned the proper movements and technique at a proper gym a.k.a. BeachFit, now I really consider myself more into real fitness.

I started the nutrition journey with Danielle back in October/ November, it has been one of the most eye-opening and rewarding things I have ever done for myself. Definitely an investment in my health and future that was very necessary. I have lost over 11% body fat and just about 25 pounds as of today. I look at food so much differently now and have learned to cook in more healthy and productive ways. I still get to enjoy the foods that I love just a little modified. I am forever grateful for Danielle and the leap that I took. I tried so many fad diet‘s, low carb, intermittent fasting, keto, with no long-term success. Never felt very fulfilled and always felt like I was missing something whether it be energy or strength or just feeling mentally full.

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Meal prepping and logging on my fitness pal has really made a big difference in my transformation. Without actually writing down and weighing and measuring what I was actually eating, I had no idea how many calories I was really consuming.

I don’t really have a personal motto, but I always try to be kind. I also try to put positive out in hopes of always receiving positive back. I think that thought processes and the way we self talk has a big impact on our overall health and outlook.

jen running

My very first workout had ball slams in it, and I remember them being such a struggle for me. And now every time we have a work out with ball slams, like today’s, I think back to my first work out and how far I have made it here. I also recently stepped up to the next level in my box jumps. I really really hesitated making that move.

I am a morning person, and I really enjoy getting up early. My main motivation to stay healthy and strong is to be a good example for my son. Hunter is 15 years old and has type 1 diabetes. I always want him to see how important fitness is and keeping your mind and body healthy long-term. Inside and out.

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My advice for anyone who is hesitating about starting a fitness plan is DON’T hesitate any longer!  Jump in feet first!  We always have to start somewhere, and if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. I have never once felt embarrassed or intimidated or nervous to walk into our gym. And that started on day one. It is a very welcoming place and I am so thankful to have found my gym family and home at BeachFit in FitTown.

My favorite thing about FitTown is working with coaches that care and really show an interest in my health, working out with my friends,  making new ones, and the bike erg. Wish I had one at home. LOL.

I love being part of the gym family and I am so honored to be the athlete of the month. Thank you so much for having faith in me!