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Athlete of the Month: Denise Mojica

Our Female Athlete of the Month for March is Denise Mojica! Denise is retired but treats her health and fitness like a profession. She recently hit her 1000 workout milestone at FitTown Jupiter! Over her 5 years with us, she’s invested in many hours of personal training sessions and always puts in a ton more hours working on herself after class. Denise’s drive to get better and her attention to detail in her movements is what our coaches love most about working with her. She’s always quick to ask, “Was that better?”  When we asked Denise what Confidence (this month’s mindset focus meant to her), she said, ​”Confidence is knowing you are doing the best you can with your abilities.”  

We love Denise’s ability to always give her best effort and love how she knows her best is all she can ask of herself. Thank you Denise for being a shining light in our FitTown Family and keeping us company when everyone from that last morning class goes home. 🙂 

Denise AOM spot

Check out Denise’s attendance from over the past few months at FitTown. 

denise attendance

Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to Jupiter?

It is my husband and I.  After he retired, we did not want to retire full-time in New York, so we thought of getting a place in Florida.  My sister had been to the Jupiter area and suggested that we check it out.  She thought that we would love it and we did.  I am retired from Verizon and I managed a 611 call center on Long Island, NY.  ​I like to cook and I like to read.                                                                                             

Were you into sports/fitness growing up?

As a child, I was heavy and weighted about 200 pounds.  I lost 80 pounds before going to high school.  I never played organized sports.  We would play punch ball or stoop ball in the street.  

denise split jerk

What was your fitness background before FitTown and what brought you in?

When turning 40, I realized I could not keep my weight down just by dieting.  So, I decided that I needed to exercise.  Realize up to this point, I thought exercising was a total waste of time.  I started off circuit training at a place called Curves, then I trained at a women’s gym call Lucille Roberts, then I trained at Crunch.  Then I was brave enough to go to New York Sports Club, which I considered to be the big boys gym.  Realizing that we were going to be traveling between New York and Florida, I wanted a type of work out that I could build on in both places and I thought Cross Fit could work.  I was hearing great things about it.  

denise front lunges

What positive physical progress would you like to brag on about yourself?  Also, any new beliefs/mottos, habits, behaviors that you formed since you started that have most positively impacted your life?

I have been motivated to consistently engage in a training regimen in excess of 15 years now.  Among my benchmarks for success is my annual physical, the results of which have been very good.  I am particularly happy with the results of bone density testing, the good results having a very strong correlation to my strength training.  As per my doctor, she categorized the results in one word, “awesome.”  

What advice would you give to the Denise who started with us 5 years ago with all that you know now?

The only one you need to compete with is yourself.

Our word of the month is CONFIDENCE, what does that word mean to you?

Confidence is knowing you are doing the best you can with your abilities.

denise step up

Do you have any memorable moments/workouts at FitTown that you’d like to share?  

The most memorable moments that I have are those that take place in my head.  These are some of them. 1. Are you kidding? 2. Do you know how old I am?  3. Running, really? 4. Why am I here? 5. I should have cherry picked this one.  Then I look at the progress that I see every day on what I can do and I chuckle to myself and keep trying.

What advice do you have for the person who’s hesitant about starting a fitness program like this?

The only thing that can get in the way of starting a fitness program is “you.”  The workouts can be challenging, but as long as you do your best, it is all that you can ask of yourself. 

What do you love most about FitTown Jupiter?  

The coaches.  I have never attended a class (and I attend a lot of classes) that I felt that they mailed it in.  They are always enthusiastic about the workouts and make you feel as if you can do it.  They help accomplish the task at hand.