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Are You In 2020 Committed Club? Check Your Status

Many of you have been wondering your status when it comes to the yearly Committed Club. As of right now, here is the list of people who have ALREADY made the club. This does not mean you can’t make it! You still have the rest of December to get those check ins! Check your status by emailing [email protected].

Here’s who’s in:

Alex Wackett

Alina Cascante

Allison Fredericks

Allison Waldman

Amanda Barnes

Amanda Jackson

Amy Duell

Amy Mattessich

Andy Habermann

Anna Davis

Arlan Carroll

Barb Vollender

Ben Miller

Ben Wiles

Benjamin Karpf

Brandee Powers

Buddy Frezza

Cathy Spicer

Cindy Fucigna

Clayton McCullough

Colton Partlow

Dan Connolly

Dan Morrison

Daniel Olano

Dave Dillon

David Galvin

Debbie Ruffing

Denise Mojica

Donald Barnes

Donna Hoagland

Elizabeth Martin

Ellie May

Emily Kutsmeda

Glendese Miller

Greg Brown

Hanna Van Gough

Jamie Liccardi

Jason Pugsley

Jeanne Bibby

Jeff Embick

Jen Eisenman

Jen Holihan

Jena Bymaster

Jessica DeYoung

Jessica Leone

Jessica Rupar

Jim Anderson

JMAC (John) McLaughlin

John Mattessich

John Shealy

Jonel Isip

Kaitlin Laganelli

Katie Carroll

Katy Martin

Kayla Wintermute

Kenneth Cohen

Kim Habermann

Kristen Vollender

Laura Coffey

Lauren King

Lindsay Shutes

Marcy Lantzy

Mark Lemasney

Mark Makens

Martha Deforest

Matt Andrews

Matthew Fredericks

Melanie Sebastian

Melissa Dixon

Melissa Pawley

Michael Pugsley

Michael Sheehan

Michael Tranchina

Michelle Hendee

Mike Seminerio

Natalie Brady

Nick Keomuongchanh

Pamela Li

Patrick Collins

Peter Bosco

Peter Mollengarden

Rachel Spell

Sadie Wackett

Sam Kirby

Scott Dixon

Sean Denyse

Shannon Frezza

Steven Schultz

Susan Messenger

Taylor Reeves

Tim Spicer

Tony Frezza

Trina Mclaughlin

Vickie Partlow

Walker Phillips

Wendy Manley

Wilmarie Ortiz