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Step Up to END SUICIDE this September!

With BINGO coming to an end, we have a new and super important challenge for September. 

During the month of September, we’re doing a fitness challenge to help raise awareness and contributions for suicide prevention. 988 is the suicide and crisis lifeline that anyone can call at any time for help. 

To help everyone remember that no one struggles alone, we will be doing a 988 Step Ups and 988 Sit Ups challenge for the month of September. We have scorecards with daily rep goals to help keep you on track. You can post these scorecards to the whiteboards in either gym, just like you did for BINGO. 

We will have an amazing array of raffle baskets coming September 23rd. This will also be the day that raffle tickets will be available to choose which raffles you’d like to enter. You can accumulate raffle tickets by doing the following:  

5 tickets – Donate $25 or more to afsp.orgusing the QR code on the 988 scoresheet 
5 tickets – Refer a friend or family member to donate $25 or more (who is not at FitTown but you sent them the link). 
10 tickets- Complete 988 StepUps & 988 SitUps as tracked on your scoresheet in the gym. 
5 tickets- Register for the Out of Darkness Walk on September 30th at John Prince Park. 

A great way to get friends involved and hold you accountable to complete the Step Up & Sit Up challenge is to wager a $25 donation. Feel free to pick up a scorecard for friends from other gyms to see if they’re up for the challenge too. 

One of our FitTown staff, Ms. Emily, who watches our kids’ room every weekday, lost her mom, uncle, and aunt all to separate acts of suicide. She honors their memory by helping to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and the events they put on. She is co-chairing the Out of Darkness Walk at John Prince Park in Lake Worth on September 30th. Emily is also coordinating the raffle baskets, donations, and raffle tickets for FitTown. If you have an item that can be included in our raffles please reach out to her. The baskets will be put on display Sept. 23-30th and tickets can be released & deposited then. Emily can be reached at [email protected]

Please join us throughout the next month in the fight to end