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BeachFit Spartan: Everything You Need to Know

beachfit spartan map and route

The BeachFit Spartan is probably our favorite event of the year, as we see so many of our members come away from it feeling inspired and accomplished.  

We encourage you to come take on the challenge, even if you know you have to make modifications.  Like all our workouts, staying in your lane and creating a challenging workout for YOU is encouraged. 

We will not have supervised childcare hours during the BeachFit Spartan because of the extended time that parents are off our premises during this workout. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates with families trying to workout. 

Here is everything you need to know about the event…

Date and Times:

The BeachFit Spartan will take place this Saturday, March 11th, 2023.  

Heat Times:

7:00 AM

8:45 AM

(There will be no other BeachFit or FTX classes that day)

Heats can be reserved in ZenPlanner just as you would normally reserve a class.  If you or a friend are not a current member of the gym, scroll down below to see the info on drop-ins.  

There will be a short group warm up, a quick overview of the workout, and then 3, 2, 1, go.  Since the class sizes are bigger today, we will usually send out 2-3 smaller heats every 5 minutes to make sure there is plenty of space and equipment for everyone.  The workout alone usually takes about 40-60 minutes to complete, so plan to be at the gym for 75+ minutes.  

Workout Details and Description:

“BeachFit Spartan”

For Time: 

800m Run
40 Air Squats
800m Run + 60m Bear Crawl
40 Russian KB Swings
200m D-Ball Carry (any style)
800m Run
40 Sit Ups
800m Run + 60m Bear Crawl
40 Step Ups (Advanced Box Jumps)
200m Overhead Plate Carry
800m Run
40 Lunges
800m Run + 60m Bear Crawl
40 Burpees

Advanced: 60 Reps of Each

(60 Min Cap)

The workout starts in the South FTX building, running the 1 mile route that we normally run around US1, Old Dixie, and Bridge Road.  Every time you get to the Pinder’s parking lot on Old Dixie, you will stop and perform 40 reps of an exercise.  Round 1 will be air squats, round 2 will be sit ups, and round 3 will be lunges.  You will resume the run route back to the gym, stopping each lap at bridge road for a 60m bear crawl before completing the remainder of the run.  

The first 2 rounds you get back to the gym, you will be performing 40 reps of an exercise PLUS a 200m carry.  Round 1 will be 40 russian kettlebell swings in the BeachFit building PLUS a 200m D-Ball Carry.  Round 2 will be 40 step ups or box jumps in the FTX building PLUS a 200m Overhead plate carry.  And the final round will be 40 burpees which is the last thing you will complete before you are done.  

BeachFit Spartan map

Scaling and Modifications:

Like all of our workouts, the BeachFit Spartan is infinitely scalable.

Running is a big part of this workout, so if you are unable to run, we will have plenty of bikes available to sub instead of the runs.  We recommend doubling the distance on the bike, so you would do 1600m in place of each 800m run.  If you choose to go with the bike, you can do your air squats, sit ups, and lunges in the FTX building.  For your bear crawls, those can also be done in the FTX building, and you will go the length of the pull up rig, down and back once.

If you are able to run, but feel that you won’t be able to maintain a fast enough pace to finish under 60 minutes, there is a shortcut you can take down eyeball avenue that will shorten the total running from about 3 miles total to about 2 miles total.  This shortcut applies to the first 800m of each lap, and is a right turn about 200 feet away from the gym, so you will be cutting through almost directly to the Pinder’s parking lot to start each lap. 

The rest of the exercises are meant to be simple and accessible to all, so if you need individual modifications to anything, it’s best to ask one of our coaches.  The kettlebell swing is the only weighted exercise of the day (outside of the carries) so if this is a new movement for you, then there will be plenty of light kettlebells out, and you can always simplify it to a kettlebell deadlift instead of a kettlebell swing.  

Advanced Options:

The 2 main advanced options are opting for the box jumps over the step ups, and going for 60 reps on any of the exercises that are designated for 40 reps.  

Those exercises are:

Air Squats, Sit Ups, Lunges (Pinders)

KB Swings, Step Ups/Box Jumps, Burpees (Gym)

Many of our veteran athletes will opt for the advanced 60-rep option in this workout.  If you are an above average runner, you should make up enough time on your runs to have the ability to go for the 60 reps instead of the 40 reps.  If you can maintain an 8-9 minute mile pace (or less) on your runs then you will have plenty of time to finish the advanced 60 reps on everything.  

If you are on the fence, feel free to go for 60 reps on some of the exercises that you are stronger at, and 40 reps at the exercises that are more difficult for you.  

Drop Ins:

We love having drop-ins at the BeachFit Spartan who are looking to take on a new challenge.  

Because this workout is longer than a typical class, we don’t recommend doing the Spartan if you are not currently working out on a consistent basis.  

If you have fitness experience and are working out currently, then you should be able to complete the workout with any necessary modifications.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!