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You’re Invited! Upcoming Saturday Seminars

We have 4 seminars coming in the next 2 months that we are excited to share with you! They’re all completely unique, so there’s sure to be at least one you can benefit from.

All seminars will take place on Saturdays at 10am in the BeachFit building. The first 3 seminars are completely free for members and guests, and the last seminar in June will have a small charge.

1. Metabolic Testing Seminar / Saturday, May 13th

We will be hosting Nick Penizotto (owner of CrossFit 561) for a seminar about metabolic testing and how it can be used to assess your health and athletic performance. If you’re interested in competing in fitness, this will definitely be beneficial to attend. Nick will be showcasing the PNOE metabolic testing device on Coach Josh, by taking him through a VO2 max test on the bike. Throughout the process, Nick will be detailing how metabolic testing can be used to assess your current health, provide individualized training approaches for workouts, and personalize your nutrition.

2. Prevent and Fix Back Pain / Saturday, May 20th

Our in-house physical therapist Zach Summers will be giving you the tools you need to prevent and fix back pain. He will be discussing the most common issues that cause back pain and how to fix them. He’ll cover when to avoid or modify workouts, corrective exercises you can do outside of classes, and if/when you should see a physical therapist or doctor for your issues.

3. Master and Love Rowing / Saturday, June 10th

Coach Melissa will help you improve your rowing technique, so you can become faster and more efficient on the rower. Melissa was a collegiate rower, and loves helping others get better and find enjoyment in the rower. She has done this seminar many times in the past, and members often share how they’ve gone from dreading rowing workouts to now looking forward to them.

4. Nervous System Reset / Saturday, June 24th

Come learn and participate in breathwork techniques and cold plunging to help reset your nervous system. XPT certified instructor and owner of 22 Wellness, Erica Walters, will lead you through various breathwork techniques to help you improve performance, decrease stress, and become more in tune with your body. The XPT certification was created by big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, and is used by some of the top athletes in the world. It will last for 75-90 minutes. (This seminar experience will be limited to the first 20 people who sign up – $35 fee to participate)

Sign up for any or all at the front desk!