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Welcome to MOVE-ember!

We’ve got something special coming your way to keep your holiday season both festive and fit! Introducing MOVE-ember, our 5-Week Movement Challenge, starting this Wednesday, November 1st to December 3rd.

Weekly Challenges! Each week, from Monday to Sunday (Wednesday to Sunday for Week 1), we will track our movement scores and submit the total every Monday.

We know the holidays can be filled with parties, yummy treats, watching football, and cozying up in cold weather…and we absolutely endorse that. But let’s also remember that South Florida’s beautiful weather welcomes us to stay active. People rearrange their lives to be here in Jupiter during this time of the year, and we’re lucky enough to call it home

By the time January 1st, 2024 rolls around, unwanted holiday pounds will be a thing of the past for our FitTown members. It’s not about saying no to eggnog and apple pie; it’s about saying yes to movement while others choose the couch.

Building habits around staying active is your secret weapon against holiday weight gain and for making healthier choices. The more you move, the more likely you’ll pick healthier food and drink options. 

The MOVE-ember Goal: Move every single day, twice a day, for at least 20 minutes each time. And we recommend embracing the outdoors with at least one daily outdoor activity. Your FitTown workout counts as one of your daily movements.

One rule for this challenge will be to split your daily movements into AM and PM activities. This challenge is all about creating MORE opportunities for movement in your daily routine. Whether you workout at night or in the morning, MOVEMENT can be as simple as mixing in a 20-min walk at the opposite end of the day. 

The benefits of daily movement: Movement is the key to a longer and healthier life. If you’re thinking, I’m too busy to barely fit in one movement activity a day, let alone two; I want to challenge you to prioritize movement for the next 5 weeks. When you think you can’t afford another 20 minutes of movement in your day, ask yourself, can I really afford not to?

Help encourage friends and family to lead healthier lives. Invite your spouse or neighbor on a nightly walk, or start a pickleball pick-up game. Physical activity can be a great way to bond with others as you know from going to FitTown. Your friends may have not said yes to a Free Workout with you, but they can do a walk with you.

Explore the beauty of our area – go for beach walks, ride bikes through Riverbend, hike through Jonathan Dickinson, and try water sports like stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking. Playing sports with your kids or spending time at the park with them (no phones allowed!) also counts.

And you have the chance to win some awesome prizes! We will have weekly prizes, and there will be 2x Full Month Membership Credits raffled off between everyone who reaches a score of 50 or more total over the 5 weeks.

In Week 1, the prizes you can win include 2 Tickets to the Tequesta Chili Cookoff AND 2 Gift Cards from Oceana Coffee! 

Each week has a max score of 14. Except for Week 1, where the max score is 10. The best scores, which will hopefully be the max scores, will be the ones entered into the weekly raffle. 

Log your scores on the MOVE-ember clipboards in the gym. If you can’t make it in, text your score to our FitTown cell at 561-676-3710, and we’ll add it to the board for you. But you should also never miss a Monday 🙂

Wishing you the best of luck in this exciting challenge!