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The 2023 Golden Ticket Challenge is ON!

GOLDEN TICKETS are BACK! Be on the lookout to see how you can snag one for yourself. What is a Golden Ticket you ask? 

A Golden Ticket can be redeemed for a FREE WEEK of BeachFit classes if you are a new member to FitTown. If you’re a current member, you can redeem your Golden Ticket for any item in the drink fridge. Members who gift their Golden Tickets to friends for the FREE BEACHFIT WEEK can also get $50 refer-a-friend credit if their friend signs up after their free week. That friend will also get $50 off their first membership month. 

Where can I find a Golden Ticket, you ask? 
Golden Tickets will be given out periodically through the month of July. We will have Golden Tickets available for winning via social media, located at local businesses, and for accomplishing certain things in class. You don’t have to be a current member to win or find a Golden Ticket. 

One way to guarantee yourself at least ONE Golden Ticket win is If you made June Committed Club! Each person who made June’s Committed Club has a Golden Ticket waiting for them at the desk!

We ALSO will have raffles where we give away prizes from local businesses and a FREE MONTH membership to those gamers collecting the most tickets! Redeem 3 or more and automatically get entered in raffles! 

The Golden Ticket game goes from July 1st to July 31st. Free Weeks must be redeemed within the month of July. Good Luck going for GOLD!