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One Member Inspires Others to Challenge their Mental Toughness

Our goal is and always has been to positively impact lives both inside and outside of the gym. What we do in these walls should make you feel stronger, faster, and give you better quality of life. Our awesome member and self proclaimed “Sweaty Mama” Jen has always loved running, but recently she’s started to really challenge herself in her sport.

Jen said, “Last Saturday, I ran the 50-mile ultramarathon in Daytona Beach, placing 3rd among women. Most races I run for fun, to inspire my kids or in memory of someone. But this race — this race was for me. I wanted to push myself into the unknown and see what happened. For 11 hours, I fought through physical and mental pain. Like the pounding waves along the nearby shore, the desire to quit hammered away at me, threatening to pull me under. I had full-blown conversations with myself. I danced. I cried. I cursed. I prayed. I kept at it, one foot in front of the other, until I crossed the finish line, smiling, of course! There to greet me was my sweet mama, my beacon during the race and in life. She was my one-woman crew, in her neon clothes and lighted Christmas beanie. Thank you, mom. I’ll cherish this experience forever.”

Jen, we are so proud of you for all of your accomplishments, but this one is truly special. Thank you for inspiring us all daily!