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Movement is a Lifestyle: Laurie and What 3 Decades of Fitness has Taught Her

The sooner you stop jumping from diet to diet, or gym to gym, and searching for that magic pill, the sooner you’ll see the only magic pill is CONSISTENCY. 

Laurie has lived an active life. (She has the pictures to prove it from her Orlando YMCA back in the day!) Laurie will tell you that her fitness routine, waking up early for 5am FTX class, is not a negotiable part of her day. She sets it because she knows her body needs this daily movement. It’s no different than knowing our bodies need real, healthy food to thrive. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Your workout isn’t a nice to have, it’s a need to have. 

Laurie has honed her health habits over 3 decades! So impressive! If you feel like your health habits are still in their baby stages, Laurie has 4 pieces of advice for you. 

1. Recognize and appreciate the difference between motivation and commitment and the impact of each. (Motivation has highs and lows, and also comes and goes. Commitment is something you can count on.)

2. Try new things, test your limits. 

3. Embrace the power of community. Surround yourself with people who will support you.

4. Approach your health journey wholistically. Feel good, look good, think good, age good. 

Thank you Laurie for being in our FitTown Family and always bringing the energy to 5am! We appreciate you passing on your knowledge and experience to those looking to live life to the fittest!

A fit life can start at any age, especially when you live in a Fit Town. If you’re interesting in learning more about FitTown Jupiter and what we do, send us a message by emailing [email protected].