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Kids Room Updates!

Around the holidays it can be hard to navigate having kids and still getting that “me time”. Schedules are off, kids are out of school, and there are extra family obligations that throw us all off.

This definitely happened in my life this holiday season, and I’m sure I’m not alone! I found myself coming to different class times, dragging my kiddos along with me and trying to fit “me time” into a schedule that was overbooked (to no one’s fault but my own).

With the new year in full swing and everyone working on reinstating their routine, I wanted to post a few reminders for those of us (🙋🏻‍♀️) bringing our kids to the gym.

1. The Kid’s Room is open from 8-10:30am Monday – Saturday. Please do not use the room when our supervisor isn’t present, for the safety of the kids and cleanliness of the room.

2. Children 4 years or older do not have to go in the kids room, but they must sit on the benches at the front or back of the building for the entirety of the workout. The safety of our children is a huge priority and it’s incredibly dangerous to have children on the gym floor throughout a workout.

3. No equipment should be used by children before or after classes. We all love that our kids are interested in the gym, and we have an awesome FitKids program to help get them involved outside of adult class times in a safe and Coach-led environment!

4. If your child needs to use the restroom or get water, it’s the responsibility of the parent to walk their child to and from the restroom until they’re safely back to the kids room or on the benches.

5. NO food or drink other than water in the kids room. We have children with very serious allergies and other food-related medical needs, and kindly ask that you feed your littles either before or after using the room.

We’ve been extra lenient during the holidays but want to start off this year strong! Again, this is a reminder for staff and members alike, as we know we have also been the culprits of rule-breaking and kid shenanigans. We love all of our FitTown babies and want to make sure everyone is safe, healthy and happy throughout 2024! Thanks friends 🥰 -Coach Rachel