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Halfway Through 2024! Committed Club!

We are officially HALFWAY through June, which means at the end of this month we’ll be halfway through 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣!!

This means you have 15 more days to make it in June #CommittedClub, and stay on track for the month, quarter, and year!

The Committed Club is an attendance based recognition and reward system for “Just Showing Up”. It’s broken up into monthly, quarterly, and yearly milestones with rewards along the way. In order to achieve committed club status, you will have to attend at least 15 classes during each calendar month.

At the end of each month, quarter, and year, we will recognize those individuals who have attended at least 15 classes during EACH of the coinciding calendar months.

To keep you on track (even during summer vacation) we also offer our FitTown Remote program. By logging your remote workouts, you can receive Committed Club credit and avoid missing out.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “But what if I miss only one month out of the year?” We realize there are times that truly keep us out (childbirth, illness, etc) so we count the total yearly as 11/12 months AND a total yearly attendance of 200 or more.

We may or may not have an exciting surprise prize for those of you in June Committed Club… So I suggest you try to get those 15 workouts in!

Questions on Committed Club? Email us at [email protected]